Push comes to shove

Have finally thrown up my hands and begun to prepare my home desktop computer for Windows 7, and like all donkeys I’m doing it because of the carrot and the stick. The stick is the fact that our school’s computers, including the ones used as projectors in class, and the laptops I sometimes have to borrow, are now all running Windows 7, and I regularly embarrass myself by trying to figure out how to do things like eject my usb drive, or search the hard disk.

The carrot is that Windows 7 is supposed to provide support for Unicode 3.0, or whatever the latest and greatest is. It’s just too inconvenient without the Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics code block, this is something I really need. Just kidding. What I really want are the CJK Unified Ideographs extensions, which requires Unicode 6.0 or better. Got my fingers crossed on this one.

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