Spring semester 2023 update

Hello to my students and other visitors,

My apologies for the neglected look of this blog. I had a semi=major software update issue that took quite a while to resolve. The cite now appears to be working again, and I hope such major updates will go more smoothly next time. It’s hard to keep up with some of these things, since my major interest and competence is not in internet programming and software.

The spring semester sprang four months ago and is now at the tail end. I have enjoyed this semester a great deal, and I hope it has been useful to you all. Teaching as an adjunct takes some of the pressure off, and leaves more room for the learning stuff. Always a good thing.

More things will appear soon on this website. I hope to put up a few reminiscences of some of my teachers who passed away in the last year. I was fortunate to study at National Taiwan University when these outstanding scholars were there, and although my research has since meandered away from some of these subjects, I still remember and value much of what I learned from them.

I also hope to put up some more research papers. Although I’m doing less and less as time goes on, some of it may still be valuable to someone out there interested in classical Chinese syntax and so on. I also have some more recent material on Chinese bible translation and interpretation that I expect will be out this year, in one format or another.

In the meantime, good luck and keep on pushing as the semester marches to an end!

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