What’s going on elsewhere

I’ve let this blog grow a little moss this semester, so I will try to catch up on what I’ve done elsewhere. There has been lots to keep busy with, but the only really visible things so far are two articles that I’ve published over at the Washington Decoded website. Both articles are on newly released material in the JFK Assassination Records collection, which I usually write about at my other blogsite, jfkarc.info.

The first article came out almost six months ago, in December 2021, and discussed what was then the current state of the JFK ARC.

Soon afterwards text from a little over 1400 records more was released by NARA, and attracted a fair amount of news coverage. Unfortunately, the quality of the coverage left more than a little to be desired. My second article took a look at why that was so and had some criticism for the way the JFK Collection has been handled by members of the media.

I’m still posting semi-regularly over at jfkarc.info, but probably will save extended commentary for the next scheduled releases, in December of this year. Will this be the final release from the JFK Collection? No way.

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