NARA 18 errata corrections

This is a minor book-keeping note on NARA 18 (the excel file that NARA released on 26 April 2018).

I had previously found 20 record number errors in NARA 17 (the excel file that NARA released on 15 December 2017), and posted these in a table here.

I have now gone over NARA 18 in detail, and all of the errors I found in NARA 17 have been corrected as I suggested. (That weird contortion you see me doing is an attempt to pat myself on the back.) In addition to these corrections, there is one other data change I have found in NARA 18: the files for records 124-10184-10083 and 124-10274-10002 have been switched. I will put this change in the errata table today or tomorrow. Why didn’t I catch this? Because the two files were big FBI releases that had previously been withheld in full and were posted without RIF forms, hence no way to find any inconsistencies in their data.

The rest of NARA 18 looks okay so far. As noted in my second post on NARA 18 (here), the excel file has been normalized to one file/one row. This is truly a mercy and will make searches much simpler in the future. Thanks to NARA for fixing what is broken.

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