New FLLD list on line

My old list of foreign language and literature programs in Taiwan and Hong Kong linked on the right side of this blog ceased to be useful about 15 years ago. I didn’t realize quite how out of date it was until I started to revise it a couple of weeks ago.

In the 15 years since I compiled the list, whole categories of schools have ceased to exist, categories of departments, programs, and specializations. An example: there is no longer even one teacher college (師範學院) in Taiwan. They have either ascended to the ranks of normal universities (師範大學), or been absorbed, amoeba like, into other schools.

Despite these extinctions and transmogrifications, however, Taiwan’s tertiary level foreign language programs are still flourishing in extremely various ways. With the help of my assistant Ignatius Liu, I’ve put together a new page of links listing over 130 departments and programs. The list is still not complete, however, and additions will appear as I find them.

Use the side link for the new version, or click here and give it a try. If you click on a link that doesn’t respond, try again later, even some rather large schools can have poor network connections it seems (hrmph, hrmph). If you get a page not found error, though, let me know. I hope the page format looks more professional than before. There is a real English version as well, the new default view.

Next project: Chinese language and literature departments!

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