An index to Hsiao-hsueh k’ao

Today I’m posting another recycled paper, an index to a book called 小學考 (Hsiao-hsueh k’ao, pinyin Xiaoxue kao). The link to download the index is here.

I compiled this index in June 1991, when I was still a graduate student. As the preface indicates, I thought I was going to do a revised version later that year, but here it is 26 years later and the revision never happened. Off to the Internet bitbucket with you! The pdf is scanned from the original printout. The files and database I used are either lost or in wordperfect 4.2 format with Chinese added, which cannot be easily reconstituted into any readable format. Apparently OCR doesn’t work very well on these older Chinese fonts, so I have just posted the scan without doing anything more. The author of the Hsiao-hsueh k’ao, Hsieh Ch’i-k’un (謝啟昆, pinyin Xie Qikun) has a short biography in Hummel’s Eminent Chinese of the Ch’ing Period, but it is not under his name, and thus not easy to find. If I have the time, I may do another post on Hsieh and his book.

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